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Does the plugin work with the AW-UE100?2020-11-13T05:19:33+00:00

Thanks for your interest in DisruptAR’s Panasonic LiveLink plugin!  The current version of the plugin only supports the AW-UE150.  We developed a custom lens calibration for the 150 and the same would need to be done for the AW-UE100.  Stay tuned however, we plan to support the AW-UE100 in a future release of the plugin!

Focus distance isn’t working the same as Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Is there something I have to enable or setup anywhere? Do you have a time frame in which this will be implemented within the plugin?2020-11-13T05:26:28+00:00

Our initial version of the plug-in currently does not support the focus parameter however, we are actively working on version 2, which may address your focus issue.  We are still working out what exactly will be in this next version.  Please stay tuned.

We are trying out the new plugin where the host is inside a virtual studio. I placed my green screen-keyed AJA Media Bundle feed inside my virtual environment. Once I started moving the PTZ the virtual environment moved accurately according to the PTZ movement, but my keyed talent didn’t.2020-11-13T05:27:49+00:00

For the Panasonic NAB Virtual presentation we used an Ultimatte for external keying and compositing, so the camera output did not come into the computer, it went directly into the Ultimatte.   We are working on the other two methods, internal compositing and external keying (taking in camera & matte from Ultimatte), and internal keying & compositing using the UE4 difference key shader.   The last method is the desired method, if the key is good enough.  We hope to test this as part of another project, then we will post an update.  In the meantime you can try this yourself by placing the video onto a rectangular polygon surface in UE4, and key inside UE4, then the rectangular polygon surface will track in the set like any other graphic.  Then you can play with shadows and reflections.

In my live link options there is no box for World Transform, causing the camera to snap to 0,0,0 as soon as I load in the data from the UE150.2020-11-13T05:35:14+00:00

We are very sorry for the confusion, we will need to update our documentation for UE4.25.  The World Transform parameter moved to the “Role Controllers -> Transform Role -> Live Link” section for the LiveLinkController, see the attached menu screen grab.  Please confirm that un-checking the World Transform checkbox fixed your issue.

The X, Y, Z position for the camera is set to 0, 0, 0. Can I set this somewhere?2020-11-13T05:39:42+00:00

Currently, the Panasonic PTZ camera’s don’t report their X,Y,Z position as 0,0,0 in their FreeD stream, so we pass those values through.  The easiest workaround is to child your camera to an empty actor parent.  Apply the X,Y,Z offsets to the parent because any positional settings on the camera will get set to 0,0,0 with each data packet arrival.

Does your plugin support any cameras besides the AW-UE150?2020-11-13T05:41:47+00:00

Currently, we only support the AW-UE150.  As soon as we are able to get our hands on an AW-UE100 for development, we will add support for that camera as well.

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