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DisruptAR/Panasonic: A Case Study in Successful Collaboration

Panasonic partnered with DisruptAR to create a fresh, innovative, forward-thinking way to virtually communicate and connect with their audiences.

Partners & Clients

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Our Process

Panasonic BTS

Here's a look inside a recent project we undertook for Panasonic. Paul Lacombe takes you through the entire virtual set-up process.

DisruptAR Creative Process

Our DisruptAR team works through the creative process with a client. Collaboration, teamwork and communication are some of the keys to our success.

Using a Garage as Your Studio

It’s truly amazing what can be happen when talent, imagination and ingenuity come together. This project, undertaken during Covid, was produced entirely inside a garage.

Hogarth Edit

Here’s a sneak peak at the virtual environment we created for a project with Hogarth Worldwide. The creative vision for this shoot came together in a matter of days.